Monday, April 4, 2011

Post Stiches to do List

Thanks to all you awesome folks at Stitches West 2011! Great to meet you- it was a fabulous show. Look- rainbow's end spotted on the way home!

Hard to believe I got back 5 weeks ago. It has been an absolute BLUR of activity in the studio since then. And quite a few good solid nights of sleep. Tonight I opened a document on my desktop titled Post-Stitches to do List and almost keeled over when I found that I had not done a single task on the list. Oops.

One thing listed was "update blog". So here we go, one down. A little thin but at least me no longer flat cat.


  1. So happy to discover your website and blog. Your rolled jewels are stupendously lovely. What sort of glue do you use? Do you ever have workshops in Oregon?

  2. HI femminismo-

    Thanks so much for your appreciation! I am sorry, but I don't reveal the glue I use or my cutting method. A girl has to have a secret- right?

    As for the workshop, we need to be in my studio in Seattle as the materials used are a big part of the process.

  3. Yes, absolutely you need your secrets! We all need a couple. Do you have classes in Seattle? I am near Portland, so not so far away.