Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quilt Fest Chicago comin up!

Here's my new postcard I just sent off to the printer. The inside of Sunlime. I wanted to make a card that was more about process and the internal landscape of my work rather than a layout of new jewelry. And I am happy with how it came out. It was fun and a little nerve racking to work on as I have so much else to attend to. That's one of the push pulls before a show. All the details that have to be handled and then "go be creative!" 

But it's happening and it's exciting to see new things popping up. I am working on some miniature wall pieces I hope to finish and have in my booth. They are a thrill and a half to work on! I hope to get some pics of them up here when they come to fruition. 

It all takes time and I can't go all night like I used to. Must lay on bed. 

Thank you to Joline for your help with the card- you saved me as I slid into techno oblivion. And Adrian helped so much, thank you thank you as always. 16 years old and smart as a whip. Great ideas and quite hilarious. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I've been working on some new lime jewelry and I noticed the table as the Seattle sun graced it. I hardly pull the curtains open in the dead of winter in the studio as it makes it a lot colder. Since I start work about 1pm it's only a moment til the sun goes down. But here we are, now in March, and I am so grateful to let the light in!

Here are the rollies drying in the vent box. They don't look like much.... but the story is on the inside! I've made some pieces in this color combination before. The lime seems great for spring so I am expanding the series.

It's called Peapod Violet. I rolled some new shapes and I plan to make some of them beaded pieces for Quiltfest in Chicago. I'm on the cusp of when all things seem possible to do before the show and when the days have numbers and the hustle is on.  It's time to make lists.