Friday, February 13, 2009


A couple pieces of my heart jewelry found their way onto in a spot about recycled hearts for Valentines Day. Check it out!

Sunday, February 8, 2009 finally launched!

It has been a 4 year journey getting this little piece of myself and my Fabric Jewels onto the web. I walked away from it many times. It may look like a little thing but for me it was epic. I don't take to all this stuff quite so easily as some but I can now almost type. And I have a genuine website up!

There were so many people that helped me orient myself to this world. I just feel like listing them here in gratitude! So here are my many many web thanks.


my fabulous customers who pushed and cajoled me into doing this

Jennifer sitting with her laptop in the sun with me, writing down things I wasn't ready to type myself

Eric for his energy and ideas at the top

Lance for all the great early photos and for helping me learn to do it myself

Andrea, Georgia, Lindsey, and Emilia for chasing down jewelry details again and again on an excel list from here to eternity

Etsy for giving me a way to get my work up for sale and letting me kick the excel list to kingdom come, before my certain death
Linda for the the great start that went on to become the site

Marc, David P and Lance W for responding so generously to my computer SOS's time and time again

Carolyn for encouragement and code in the eleventh hour

Adrian for FINALLY getting the site up with me, whilst I tried not to hover over her. You are a Star!

Veronica and Kate and the many who came before the site- Tallulah, Jenny and many more for all their help in the studio over the years

Liz, Robin L and Robin A for all their good counsel site wise and book wise and all

all the people at Artwood for keeping me company day to day and listening to my incremental progress reports

my wonderful brother, Peter, for encouragement and advice

my equally wonderful brother, Michael for being who he is 

my dear sister, Kathleen who always listens and is so wise

and to Mister Mustafa for being a deeply charming and loving companion by the computer late into the night.

To all of you and those I'll remember tomorrow- MY THANKS!