Thursday, February 3, 2011


But I am finally rallying!
So please come by and find me and my FABRIC JEWELS at

Stitches West 2011

BOOTH 1333

February 17 Preview Night (for students only), 5-8pm

Open to the Public
February 18 - 19, 10 AM- 6PM
February 20, 10AM- 4PM

Santa Clara Convention Center

5001 Great American Parkway

Santa Clara, CA 95054

Sorry I didn't make it to Tucson this year!

For those of you who were hoping to see me there, my apologies, but I have been a flat cat! When I returned home in November I experienced profound exhaustion. In addition many critical technical problems arose in the studio. I am also still chipping away at monster paper work, my van needs repair and my cat has been ill and in need of my attention. Boo Hoo! get out your tiny violins!

With everything else, there was just not enough time before Tucson to create new work. So what can you do?

Below follows a condensed version of The Conversation before The Decision.

Cancel Tucson? Are you delusional?

You HAVE to go! You said you would! You paid your booth fees!

Your public awaits!

But I am drooping.

You're not listening! YOU HAVE TO GO!

I can't.... I feel faint

Now that you mention it, me feeling a little flat cat too.

I miss everyone and the experience of Tucson! Hope you all are having a great time!

And hope to see lots of you at Stitches West!


Houston Market and Fest were stupendous! Fabulous to see you all and thank you so much for the beautiful energy and support!


  1. I love your "jewels". Hope you are feeling less flat cat soon. (otherwise known as burn out).
    Take care!

  2. Thanks Jane! I'm reviving and excited to go to Stitches.

  3. You're such a great fit for stitches! I'm happy we'll get to see you again!

    (and take all the time you need to get un-flat!)

  4. Thanks Joy! See you there... And yes, it all seems to be moving in the right direction again- Yay!

  5. That is so clever! Very cute! Well, it's probably a good thing you didn't go to Tucson. The weather really affected how many people showed up. I have a friend there and yesterday he only sold $28 ALL DAY! He'll make his costs, but it's such a huge investment and he might lose some product when he figures it all out.... Sad.

  6. You mean I didn't meet you at Tucson THIS year? My how time flies.
    Anyway I found you here and greatly admire your work.
    Glad you're getting the rest you need, hopefully.
    xoxo Kim