Monday, April 5, 2010

Chicago International Quilt Festival!

I only know one word in Swahili, but when I saw this color series emerging, that word popped into my head and I knew is was the right name - Jambo!

Chicago International Quilt Festival is around the corner. Come into my studio through my fledgling Rag Sky videos below and see glimpses of the past month’s show prep including little details of the birth of the Jambo! series. Please forgive the out of focus parts made before I located the Macro setting on my new camera and I promise to find my glasses before I shoot the close-ups from now on.

Then, after you check them out -

Come say JAMBO! in Chicago - just NEXT WEEK!


BOOTH 1325

April 15 Preview Night, 5-9pm
April 16 and 17, 10 AM- 7PM
April 18, 10AM- 3PM

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

5555 N. River Road

Rosemont, IL 60018

I truly hope to see you there!
FabricJewels on YouTube!

PS: My Etsy site will be in “Vacation Mode” while I head to Chicago for the show. There you can sign up on my page to receive email notification when I again list my items there in early May.

"The Peacock's Eye"