Friday, April 22, 2011

TAFA Market- THIS weekend!

TAFA MARKET... April 27 - 30, 2011 .....THIS weekend!
Spring Quilt Market Salt Lake City... May 13 - 15, 2011

Greetings friends and fiber lovers all,

If you have not yet checked it out, it's time you did! "The TAFA List" is the Textile and Fiber Arts List. It is the brainchild of Rachel Biel, a woman immersed in textiles of all kinds who brings community together through them. She has an energetic, entrepreneurial spirit, and lives in Paducah, KY. At last count, she has gathered the profiles and links to well over 200 fiber related businesses from around the world. The list that she has created is quite amazing and she's done it all on Blogspot. Of course this format has its limitations and she and others in TAFA would like to see it moved into a website format where navigation is smoother and there would be more ways to grow.
To create this new website a fundraising effort has begun and the big event is coming right up! Rachel has located a cool building in Paducah to launch a TAFA Market. TAFA Market will host a Member Show, fiber vendors will bring their wares, and many of us have donated to the TAFA Silent Auction. Check it out! I'm a TAFA member and I sent a big box of my work down there. Anybody in Paducah this coming week for the other shows and festivities will want to come by and take part in this new eclectic fiber arena. Say hey to Rachel from me!

Here's my Meg Hannan TAFA listing

Spring Quilt Market Salt Lake City

In about 2 1/2 weeks, from May 13 - 15, you can find me and my work at the Spring Quilt Market . This is a trade show and is not open to the general public. But If you are going to be there- let me tell you this- since I decided to do this show just recently, I'm wayyyyyy in the back! It's the center of the universe, BOOTH 847. Meet you there!

Check out my NEW WORK on Etsy-


  1. Meg, thanks so much for posting this! Wish you were going to be here, but at least we have your gorgeous jewels! I know they will just fly out! Maybe you can come next year, if this becomes a yearly event.

    Thanks for your support and your wonderful talent!


  2. Thank you Rachel-

    Good fortune to all there!

  3. Just saw someone come to TAFA through this post, so I thought I would give an update:

    We did launch our new site in January 2012. It's at the address. The TAFA Market site is gone and our old blog is still up, but many of the links broke there when we moved to the new one. It will stay up as a record of our early days.

    We now have over 450 members from 35 countries, although 150 members are still not up on the site. (We'd love to see YOUR profile up, Meg!)

    It's gorgeous and wonderful, and we welcome any visitors.