Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mr.MU's face

Since Mr.MU's face was missing in the last post and since my friend and neighbor, Astrid, took this lovely picture of it in the light, I had to put it up. Here is my sweet boy.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Concrete Lovin' Cat

It isn't exactly a heat wave. But we have found ourselves in the 80's the past week and it is indeed a change from our long cool spring. The green is finally moving in at a fast pace and it's absolutely spectacular weather. But Mr. Mustafa is not so thrilled, living as he does in a thick fur coat. He looks for relief where ever he can. 

The plumbing in the school where I live runs under the floor and when there is a leak, the floor has to be jackhammered up. There are no replacement tiles for this particular section of the hall so there is a little patch of concrete that covered the repair. It's a MU magnet. It's maybe a little cooler, but more importantly, it's concrete. He's one concrete lovin' cat.

Don't be alarmed by his facelessness in the second pic. He hates the flash so I didn't use it. But I took it in low light and hand held the camera, so movement blurs. Guess who didn't sit still. I assure you, he has a gorgeous face. Mama knows.