Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Greetings Russia!

Today I found my work on a Russian blog and I just had to say- HEY THERE  you folks in the Russian Federation! It's fun to look at the WebStats and see where people who visit my website are from and of course it makes you realize what a web it is- all across the globe...

After I wrote the above, I checked my email and found this:

Здравствуйте! Я из России,Башкирия,г.Уфа.Посмотрела ваши изделия,какая красота!красотища!Что за клей вы используете?Есть ли ваши магазины у нас?К сожалению,с английским у меня плохо..(..... Удачи и процветания Вам! Елена.

What can I say? Whoever it is- speaks my language. 4 exclamation points in 3 lines! Who can argue with BAM! Anybody who knows what it says feel like translating?

Nearly 2 months have passed since I wrote my last entry. Shows are no joke. The ramp up. The epic effort. The back home heap. The backed up correspondence and orders. The cat in dire need of attention.  Not complaining... Just saying... that's where I went!  Chicago Quilt Festival was really fun and I am grateful to all the wonderful customers and people that made the show so fabulous! Big BIG thanks to my brother, Michael for his help in setting up and breaking down! All of you who helped are so appreciated. It was awesome to see my brother and his beautiful wife Cindy and my amazing nieces- Rose and Celia. 

A sweet customer came to the show from Omaha, Nebraska with her friend. They had bought some pieces from me 10 years ago in Omaha and they have been looking for me ever since. They found the website and decided to come to the show. She told me a little story about a lost earring. She found she was missing one after the fact and figured it must have come out of her ear when she unloaded her car. She searched the street and when she couldn't find it she asked all the businesses on the block to keep an eye out for it. About a week later someone found it by the curb, in the street, sunk in mud where many cars had run over it while parallel parking.

She took it home and washed it and her husband scraped it a bit and she has been wearing the pair ever since. She brought them with her to show me and the errant earring was a shade darker but I have to say it still looked good. Thanks for the great testimonial!

By the by, I did finish 7 small wall pieces that I wrote about in my last post. I was going to try to post them before I left- Ha ha ha ha ha. I finished them the night before I left for the show and was happy to see how they came out amidst the last minute chaos.  Still haven't had time to photograph them but I really will soon! The picture above is of a large pin in the Peapod Violet series also finished minutes before I got on the plane. I'll post it on Etsy later this week. 

I promise to someday put something up on the blog that isn't lime green. When, I couldn't say. Best to all of you out there- thanks for stopping by!  Good night Russia, or I guess it is morning or afternoon where you are....