Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quilt Fest Chicago comin up!

Here's my new postcard I just sent off to the printer. The inside of Sunlime. I wanted to make a card that was more about process and the internal landscape of my work rather than a layout of new jewelry. And I am happy with how it came out. It was fun and a little nerve racking to work on as I have so much else to attend to. That's one of the push pulls before a show. All the details that have to be handled and then "go be creative!" 

But it's happening and it's exciting to see new things popping up. I am working on some miniature wall pieces I hope to finish and have in my booth. They are a thrill and a half to work on! I hope to get some pics of them up here when they come to fruition. 

It all takes time and I can't go all night like I used to. Must lay on bed. 

Thank you to Joline for your help with the card- you saved me as I slid into techno oblivion. And Adrian helped so much, thank you thank you as always. 16 years old and smart as a whip. Great ideas and quite hilarious. 


  1. Yummm -- lovin' all the chartreuse in that photo! Hope you have a KILLER show in Chicago, Meg. And watch your head!

  2. Beautiful postcard! That should bring them to your booth in droves... Hugs, Robin A.